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Apple iPhone 6/6s Karbon SI - Osprey

Sales price: $49.95

Product SKU:AP-006-SI-K01

UPC Codes:813158020116

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Named after the Osprey body armour system used by modern military, the Karbon SI Osprey is a sleek black and grey striped case that takes protection to a whole new level. It’s the natural progression of our popular SP series; we’ve managed to fuse a soft, shock-resistant TPU lining to our protective, woven DuPont™ Kevlar® outer shell. The result is a one-piece case that provides the same durable protection as our SP series, yet has shed 20% of its thickness, measuring just 1.5mm in thickness. 

Each Karbon SI Osprey case is treated and polished with our specially formulated, five-layer Evutouch® Coating for exceptional scratch-resistance. The Evutouch
® easy-to-grip tactile feel will prevent your smartphone from slipping out of your hands or sliding off of smooth surfaces.

Our Karbon SI Osprey cases are designed without any metal substances or components, allowing you to use your iPhone 6 Plus without having to worry about interference with your wireless signals.

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